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Interfaces - Chatbots and embedded frames

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Chatbots - Make your own

Classic Chatbot

Look and feel of a traditional chatbot, but with the full knowledge management framework at the backend. Collect variables, build advanced logic and actions. Reduce inbound queries on existing channels by upto 40%.

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One Step Chatbot

For complex processes and a different navigation. Follows the same backend process, switch between interfaces at the clieck of a button. Ensure that customer support, product selection and lead capture are always available.

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Custom styles

No Code Customization, design the chatbot to your website and branding guidelines.
Matching your website scheme has never been easier. Chatbots and frames are fully responsive on all types of devices.

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Pop up windows and webpage component

Easily Integrate on your existing website

Our flexible iFrame integrates with your website seamlessly. Visitors will not be able to make out that it is a plugged in component, it just becomes a part of your website.

Use different pop-ups for different areas of help

Setup the potal on the help section of your website and make it the first point of contact. Provide customer support number only when required. Manage channel utilization - Digital first.
Pop up Tree

Customize to your style

The self help portal is bare shell to help customize it exactly to your branding guidelines, look and feel. Make it exactly what you want, better fit than other off the shelf products.

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Single platform. Endless possibilities.

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