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Customer Service and Lead Generation - all in one easy Chatbot

109 Languages auto translation, Logic Engine, Workflow integration


Create your own chatbot in minutes, 100% codeless

Customer Service

Let Chatbots be your first line of customer service, especially with decision support using Intelligent trees. Improve customer engagement and brand loyalty with relevant and accurate responses that result in a clear resolution.

Lead Generation

Prospective customers visit your site every day. Be there to catch them with an Intelligent chatbot. Customers see self serve options in the same chatbot, giving confidence about post sales service. Integrate with outbound scripting queue to automate the sales cycle.

Logic and Automation

24 hours a day, seven days a week. Allow the Chatbot to take logical decisions based on the specific customer situation, ask only the required questions. Nothing falls through the cracks with Workflow integration. Fulfill every promise!



Aselector is the first chatbot to offer over 100 Languages instant translation. It has a language selection on title and convers the complete chat automatically. Talk to customers in their language.

Automate Sales Cycle

Automate the complete sales cycle till conversion. The Chatbot captures prospect details as they visit the site, Scripted outbound call for next touchpoint and put in next level queue for further follow-up. We also provide additional prospects with our lead generation services directly in the queue.

Internal processes

Make sure your team follows the correct process - on every transaction. Reduce cost of defects and dependence on agent skills. Reduce training time and make everyone an expert. Track full agent time on system with Advanced reporting.

Single platform. Endless possibilities.

Include verbatim script for each step of the call journey. A powerful tool to guide agents through different paths of the call, depending on the customer’s responses. Logic Engine inserts AI rules and logic into the decision making process.

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