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Self-Service is essential for Customer Web Portals

Offer self-service options to your customers 24/7 at low cost.


For the record, "Customers Love self-service"

Resolve more

Self-service customer support is a form of advanced automation with personalised resolution. 70% customers prefer to use self service first. Reduce inbound queries on existing channels by upto 40%.

Always on

Customer self-service portal ensure that customer support is always accessible – 24x7x365. Regardless of time or place, customers can use the portal to resolve their questions at their convenience.

Reduce Cost

Self-service functionality is about so much more than reducing costs. However, it is a fact that it can reduce support costs by upto 90%. Average transaction cost on self serve is under $0.15.


Integrate with existing knowledge base

Our flexible help portal integrates your existing FAQ, video's and articles in addition to adding a guided help interactive decision tree functionality.

Digital First

Setup the potal on the help section of your website and make it the first point of contact. Provide customer support number only when required. Manage channel utilization - Digital first.

Customize to your style

The self help portal is bare shell to help customize it exactly to your branding guidelines, look and feel. Make it exactly what you want, better fit than other off the shelf products.

Single platform. Endless possibilities.

No Code, Digital self service portal to allow customers to access step-by-step guidance for using and troubleshooting products. Allow customer to do what they like - its a win-win.

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