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Scientific, data-driven solutions for transforming your digital presence.

Aselector offers a full range of software solutions, services and consulting to improve businesses. Incorporated in 2017, we focus on providing real business improvement and transformation solutions to our clients based on our deep understanding of operational processes and improvement methodologies.

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Our ambition is to help organizations and their leaders make results based genuine Digital transformation a reality.


Our range of products include Chatbots, Knowledge Management systems for agent help and customer self service. We provide boutique consulting services on digital transformation using data science, AI and ML. We help achieve real ROI for our clients with a results first transformation approach.

We help clients navigate through the sea of AI and data technologies to focus on relevant innovations for their business. Our consultants focus on statistical validation of improvements using Lean and Six sigma methodologies and enable advanced analytics with latest technologies. Our online statistical Suvey platform - Data Potential and six sigma and Lean training academey focuses on CX improvements for our Clients.

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