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Scripts that guide your agents through complex conversations

Reduce customer effort, Improve compliance


How Agent Scripting helps

Improve FCR

Empower your agents with Intelligent visual assistance and guided help. Help different agents provide the same resolution on-time, everytime. Reduce customer effort and improve CSAT with knowledgeable agents.

Improve Compliance

Remind agents on every call to perform the required compliance checks and use the correct script for outbound calls. Get all agents to use the centrally approved compliant processes on each call.

Reduce AHT

Support the agents on language and articulation skills with step by step verbatim scripts. Eliminate ambguity and need for asking SME support. Agents get to the right answer quickly.


Inbound Call Center

Extremely effective for inbound contact centers. Help improve FCR, NPS, custoemr effort and call compliance. Following a guided help drives consistency and accuracy of responses, while reducing custoemr effort and agent minutes.

Outbound Call center

Scripted step by step outbound calling process using most effective practices of your best agents for the whole team. Inbound contacts or other sources enable list based outbound or just follow outbound call process without a workflow.

Sales calling

With a dedicated sales calling screen, get contact details, click to call with skype and step by step objection handling. Upload prospects to the queue and let it get automatically allocated. Optionally, buy verified sales prospects to feed the queue and put the sales cycle on auto.

Back office proceses

Non voice processes require agents to follow a consistent process and knowledge manage becomes critically important. Make a clear, consistent and approved process available to your agents, reducing transaction time and improving accuracy.

Single platform. Endless possibilities.

Include verbatim script for each step of the call journey. A powerful tool to guide agents through different paths of the call, depending on the customer’s responses. Logic Engine inserts AI rules and logic into the decision making process.

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