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AI Complaints Management, Customer Service and Sales automation

No code, Intelligent Knowledge Management platform.

AI powered Decision tree guided help with workflow.

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Complaints Management

Real time AI complaints classification, prioritization and assignment

  • Instantaneous allocation
  • Root Cause analysis
  • Integrated feedback surveys

Customer Service

Guide agents through the complete call-handling process with customers

  • Customer self service
  • Reduce handle time - 10-30%
  • Improve Compliance, FCR and NPS

Customer Help

Deflect up to 60% Queries with our structured, 104 language chatbot

  • Chatbot and full screen help
  • Customer self serve in their language
  • Capture sales leads on website

Smarter Decisions

Improve customer service, website help and sales processes with real time process flow optimization.

Reduce process complexity, provide clear compliant guidance to agents and customers for each personalized situation.

No Code implementation and WYSIWYG editor - get up and running in a matter of hours.

Minimalist platform for complex processes standardization and transparency.

Detailed agent tracking and process information.

Flexible Implementations

Use the flexible tool anyway you like

Chatbot : Set up a chatbot on your website to help visitors

iFrame : Make it a seamless section on your website or set it up as a pop-up at the required places on any page for contextual support.

Agent help : Guide agents on internal processes including call centers or for offline processes.

Internal Workflow : Automatically create items from one tree to multiple workflows. Track closure and completion of each item with real time command center.

What makes us special

Digital Knowledge Platform and decision trees

Application speed

We realise time is money for your customer and for you too. We have an innovative architecture for instant presentation of next step. The interface is faster than any web application. Keyboard navigation is a first for web applications. Dont take our word for it - Seeing is believing, so just ask and let us show you.


We dont just stop at the chatbot or agent help. What happens after the customer goes away? There are still actions to be performed to keep your promise. Automatically create items in work queues to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Workflow integrates with a command center to allow full visibility and control of your processes.

Sales optimisation

Improve your sales agents effectiveness by supporting them with the best script to convert each lead. Agents can Click to call, guidance at each objection step and you get a comprehensive view of outcome of the whole sales effort. We also provide qualified leads for your specific criteria - fill up your prospects list on the platform and feed the sales engine.

Variables and Logic

Collect inforrmation from visitors and build logic steps to take intelligent decisions based on user input.

Collecting information: Get information from visitors in simple text, validated email addresses or drop down selections.

Using the information: Use the collected information to personalise the subsequent steps, or just address customers by their names.

Logic based on information : Parse collected information and use it to define logic within the flow.

Setup external or refresh links: Guide users to another part of your website, to a support document or to an external website setup as an action on a button or link within text.

Single platform. Endless possibilities.

Automatic realtime case capture, classification, prioritization, assignment to owner. Digital visual management and "track-to-closure" with root cause analysis and integrated customer satisfaction surveys.

Comprehensive case management and query management structures to manage Complaints, Customer Service as well as Sales queues.

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