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Modes of implementing Knowledge Management

Knowledge management (KM) is the process of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization

Many large companies, public institutions and non-profit organisations have resources dedicated to internal KM efforts, often as a part of their business strategy, IT, or human resource management departments. Several consulting companies provide advice regarding KM to these organizations.

Different frameworks for distinguishing between different 'types of' knowledge exist. One proposed framework for categorising the dimensions of knowledge distinguishes tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge. Tacit knowledge represents internalised knowledge that an individual may not be consciously aware of, such as to accomplish particular tasks. At the opposite end of the spectrum, explicit knowledge represents knowledge that the individual holds consciously in mental focus, in a form that can easily be communicated to others.

Aselector offers two interfaces of knowledge pool of the organization. Both the interfaces are based on the same database and provide similar detailed reporting and workflow items created through the KM tool.

1. Full interface for comperehensive support

The interface provides images, videos as well as deailed text for help at each step.

Implementation quick start

2. Chatbot for quick support

A comprehensive digital transformation strategy will give your business competitive customer insights, improved customer loyalty and operational efficiencies by reducing waste and manual processes.

Aselector digital transformation and process improvement consulting specializes in helping organizations craft their transformation strategy and also to deliver on the vision. Our expert consultants provide a detailed assessment of organizational data and processes to identify actionable insights as well as recommendations for improvement. Our inhouse AI powered decision tree knowledge management platform can take automated decisions, auto load balancing and real time management. Aselector uses a host of technologies and applications like AI, ML, Chatbots, R, Python, Minitab, SQL, six sigma and lean depending on the best match of requirement with technology capability.


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